Monday, August 22, 2016

IoTA 25 - IoTCeption

Show Notes:
Stephen Lawson of IDG News reports that Intel has a tiny chip that could help monitor fragile packages. The IA-32 "mote" is small enough to get lost in a jar of pepper. The chip gets power from the WiFi network, and can sense motion and temperature. It records everything to a local gateway that is responsible for broadcasting the data to the cloud.
More small news - Cate Lawrence writes in readwrite that Smart dust may be the IoT vector of the future. Scientists at UC Berkeley have developerd a "neural dust" that can be implanted into the human body and used to monitor internal nerves, muscles, or organs in real time. The sensors are about the size of a grain of sand and contain a piezoelectric crystal that converts ultrasound vibrations into electricty. The voltage spike in the fiber changes the echo detected by the ultrasound receriver which can then be converted to data.
A trio of IT companies - Emerson Network Power, Lenovo, and OSlsoft are creating a new standard for data centers that hasten IoT oriented data centers writes Chris Preimesberger in eWeek. While this is not a new idea, the new standard is designed to connect everything inside of the data center so that it can be monitored real time. In effect it is using the premise behind IoT to build smart data centers for IoT. IoTCeption! SNMP and IPMI are outdated and this standard allows for more effective and efficient management.
Nathan Eddy reports that IoT and Big Data Analytics are driving M&A in Information Week. There were 28 deals at or above the $1 Billion mark in the second quarter of 2016. The IoT deals were mostly sensors, connected cars, and security firms.
And to support that last story, CompuCom Systems acquires Extensys IoT Business. CompuCom picked up the EXT-IoT division of Extenssys. “We now have an unmatched opportunity to offer clients innovative IoT services with a robust set of offerings and one of the largest field technician teams in North America,” said CompuCom CEO Don Doctor. “With more than 6.4 billion IoT devices in operation today and that number expected to grow to 20.8 billion by 2020 according to Gartner*, we see a massive opportunity to help support our clients’ operations. As we say, anything with a chip, sensor or plug eventually needs to be supported or optimized, and CompuCom is uniquely qualified to provide that on-demand value to our clients. The addition of Extensys’ IoT business to the CompuCom family further extends that capability.”

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