Monday, August 15, 2016

IoTA 20 - Everyone got your Buddy?

Show Notes:
Way back in November 2006 Jeff Bezos invested heavily in cloud computing. Fast forward to today where Amazon is considered a leader in the space, and particularly in IoT reports CTO Vision. Amazon IoT can be used for large scale deployments as well as smaller home deployments, as well as its home IoT experiment kit called the Intel Edison.
Mary Shacklett reports that Big Data and IoT can solve food safety and supply challenges in Tech Republic. Back in 2011 President Obama signed into law a very strickt food monitoring and traceability measure as a way to make our food safer. And while much has been done to comply with the law, IoT is making it possible to solve these issues. Trucks can be equipped with sensors so that location can be determined at any time. IoT can also help maintain food levels and track how fast food is moving off the shelves. Refrigerated foods are packed with sensors sealed inside the package to detect such things as humidity and broken seals.
Is Google working on a new OS just for IoT. According to the Deccan Chronicle, Google is working on a standalone OS not tied to Chrome or Android specifically for IoT. The project is code named Fushsia. The OS uses a custom Kernel called Magenta based on LittleKernal which is specifically designed for embedded systems.
John Kennedy reports in the Silicon Republic that an Irish IoT Startup is winning the battle of IoT platforms in the US. Darva Networks has deployed an end to end IoT platform in Texas and Oklahoma that is designed to monitor and report on school buses. This is for the safety and security of the students as well as monitoring the vehicles themselves in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of the buses. They are using the RuBAN platform which helps increase productivity, safety, reduce fuel costs, optimize driving routes, and vehicle tracking.
The Buddy Platform is bringing new meaning to old IoT data reports Cate Lawrence in readwrite. In industries ike viticulture, shipping, agriculture, and manufacturing - data has long been collected, long before our current revolution. The Buddy Platform is able to re-examine that data in context with new data being collected and provide real-time decision making. They are also building out a fully hosted, managed, auto-scaling implementation of Parse trageted at higher volume applications. Buddy is also on a M&A tear, purchasing Zentri and Noveda.

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