Thursday, August 4, 2016

IoTA 13 - 8.4.16

Show notes:
Mike Vizard of IT Business Edge reports that Particle has created ParticleCloud which makes it possible to create a proof-of-concept IoT project to test deployments before a major roll out. Particle also has a hardware development kit to help developers prototype devices and deployments. They have already shipped over 120,000 dev kits.
eWeek reports that there are 5 technologies needed before you build an IoT application. Darryl Taft writes that you'll need Computation (example Spark, Impala, or Storm), a Database (Riak, Cassandra, MongoDB), a Queuing System (RabbitMQ and Kafka), an Application Framework (Akka and Spring), and a Resource Manager/Operating Environment (Mesos).
Thanks to Bobby John at Band of Coders for providing that story!
Beth Stackpole of TechTarget reports that the Gas and Oil industry is heating up. While the industry has long been a proponent of remote monitoring and sensing, the cost for widespread deployment was a hindrance. In comes WellAware which brings real time monitoring of production assets in a cost effective manner. This is in part spurred on because of lower gas prices, meaning lower margins and thus a need to eliminate inefficiencies to maximize profits. WellAware has created an agreement with On-Ramp Wireless to build a wide area network, specific to the IoT needs of the oil industry to connect all gas fields in the US together.
Cambridge News' Matthew Gooding reports on the new home monitoring syste launched by Amino. Amino specializes in Internet TV devices and cloud solutions. The home monitoring solution is deisged specifically for network operators. It includes a self-installable Wifi camera that can broadcast live to your smart device. It's designed to be rebranded by the network operator, including the management tools, setup, and web and mobile apps.

Pick of the day:
All about Circuits has a neat breakdown of the EnGenius EDS1130 camera. They examine all of the inner workings and the circuits in great detail. If you ever had a desire to just take something apart and look at the insides, this is for you.

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