Thursday, August 11, 2016

IoTA 18 - is IoT overblown

Show notes:
Mobile World Live reports that China's second largest mobile operator announced that it had more than 20 million IoT connections. They have deployed over 500,000 base stations connecting 360 cities in 31 provinces. That is still a minor number as compared to their 286 million total connections. Although they have seen significant growth in IoT, they filed a profit warning, stating that the cost of deploying the network is offsetting the revenue.
The 2016 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award for Innovation and Market Leadership was just awarded to Senet, as reported in Business Wire. Senet was the first (and claim to be only) provider of low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) for long-range (LoRa) IoT applications. They currently cover 100 cities in the US.
Bylan Allison in International Business Times reports that Ethereum's Lightning Network called Raiden will bring micropayments to IoT devices. By using Blockchain to minimize the amount of data broadcast to the network, Ethereum has conducted a proof of concept sending tokens throughout Europe and Africa.
Information Week carries a story by Charles Babcock discussing the company C3. In the article, he states that C3 is quickly becoming a powerhouse in IoT despite it being a startup. C3 has 11 practical applications including one of the largest IoT public utility IoT systems. Babcock thinks that in many ways C3 has already surpassed GE, even with their Predix rollout. For example, a single customer of C3 collects more than 350GB of data per day, in a 7 Billion row database, having already collected more than 750TB of data.
Lisa Lacy of The Drum asks "Is the IoT inevitable or overblown?" In the article she discusses the acceptance of IoT in mass market consumerism. And while most digital marketers say that the revolution is already here, they caution that we are still in the early adopter stage and that it can still fail in "the chasm". “Of course, as with any paradigm shift in technology, there will be a litany of failures on the path to transformation as people apply old world thinking to new capabilities,” added Jake Bennett, CTO of digital agency Pop. “But although there hasn’t been an iPhone-level success story in IoT yet, it would be a mistake to ignore the inevitability suggested by the long-term trends.”

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