Monday, July 18, 2016

IoTA - the journey begins

Welcome to IoTA, otherwise known as Internet of Things: Atlanta.  Honestly, I threw the Atlanta bit one because it helped to justify the name.  IoTA would have worked anyway because IoT is concerned with very small (iota) devices.  But since I live and work in Atlanta, and because Atlanta is doing everything they can to be the global hub for IoT and Mobility, the name fit as well.  I've been very interested in IoT for some time and this gives me a reason to dive deep into this technology and bring that knowledge to you.  The format of the show is going to mimic (if not outright copy) Tom Merritt's Daily Tech News Show for the daily format.  There is so much news on a daily basis and it would be great to use that format to digest as much as we can.  Secondarily, I will be focusing on weekly interviews with those whose businesses have an IoT component and there are no shortage of those individuals in Atlanta, but I won't restrict those interviews to local.

And since this is the first post, I know that viewership will be light until I build it up.  Please spread the word, especially to those you know who are interested in IoT!  I will be setting up a schedule and I'll be doing the show live M-F (time to be determined) and will have a live chat room to go along with it.  In addition, I want your feedback and tips to be added to the show (a la DTNS).  This show will be shaped by your input.

Over the next week or so, I'll be experimenting with the live show and getting comfortable with times and with the format.  Expect the first few shows to be highly entertaining as I figure this whole thing out.  Even with it being a live show, I'll be archiving in standard Podcast format so even if you can't be there when I do the show, you'll be able to see the show at your leisure.  So, here I go, with fingers crossed.  Wish me luck!

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